School Advisory Committee

The purpose of Kingsley's School Advisory Committee is to provide an opportunity for collaboration to support the school and student learning.  It is a tool that will connect with the goals of the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) and enhance communication with the Kingsley community. The Committee is not a decision making body, but functions as a consultative and advisory group to the principal and the ILT. The committee will serve as a channel of communication and actively seek input from the Kingsley community.  The members represent the larger Kingsley community.  Parents/families, teachers, school leadership, and other community members will meet monthly to discuss topics, which impact learning at Kingsley.
Members include administration, parents and teachers.~ The group is chaired by school principal, Beatrice Davis.  
The 2012-13 representatives are: Principal, Beatrice Davis; Parents, Clara Stanley, Casey Varela and Latricia Freeman; Teachers, Pam Weir, Allie Harned, Karen Reid, and Deliliah Davis; Community Member, Jonathan Cooperman.

Last Modified: Apr 05, 2013
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