School Rules
Attending school every day, arriving on time, and being prepared to learn are important to a successful school experience. Student expectations are outlined in the student handbook provided at the beginning of each school year. The handbook is also available on the District 65 web site.

Emergency Situations
Be Safe

-Hands to self, feet on the floor

-Sit on your bottom

-Walk at all times

-Walk in a single line, on the right side of the hallway

-Face forward

-Be alert

-Keep your hands and feet to yourself

-Do not run, climb, or play in the bathroom

-Wash your hands with soap and water

-Use toilet paper and paper towels appropriately
-Listen and follow directions

-Follow safety rules

-Tell an adult when there is a problem

-Dress for the weather

-Hands and feet to yourself

-Stay silent

-Stay calm


-Stay in control of yourself

-Stay seated until it is your stop

-Keep aisles and back door clear

-Always walk on and off the bus

Cross safely



Be Caring

-Chew with your mouth close

-Eat your own food

-Clean up your eating space

-Use a quiet wave to say hello when you’re inside

-Say hello outside

-Help to keep the bathroom clean

-Remember to flush the toilet

-Throw paper towels in the trash can

-Make Kingsley proud

-Check your seat before you leave

-Take your belongings with you

-Play fair

-Share, take turns

-Include everyone

-Keep your hands and feet to yourself

-Take care of yourself; let adults take care of others

-Keep your belongings in your own space

-Be willing to share your seat with others

-Help keep the bus clean



Be Respectful

-Use quiet voices, volume 2

-Wait your turn

-Eat your own food

-Food stays in the lunchroom

-Use kind words

-Say please, thanks, or no thank you

-Students should use a zero volume when walking in the hall

-Be courteous of others that are working as you pass by


-Use an inside voice

-Respect other people’s privacy


-Be ready to participate

-Sit quietly on your bottom

-Enter and exit quietly

-Clap and laugh at the right time

-Follow adult’s directions

-Use kind words

-Use the playground equipment properly

-Put trash in the can


-Follow directions

-Follow adult’s directions

-Use your manners

-Use appropriate language and use a of volume 2 or 3

-Be a good role model




Be Here,

Be Ready

-Take everything you need with you


-Carry a pass at all times

-Do not make extra stops along the way

-Be quick, quiet, and clean

-Use the bathroom closest to where you are

-Be ready to participate and learn

-Sit quietly on your bottom

-Line up quickly when the bell rings

-Stand in line quietly

-Be alert

-Be ready to get on or off the bus when it is time

-Keep food and drink in your bag

Last Modified: Nov 26, 2012
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